H.H. Seiferth Sign Company Photographs

What's online?

Most of the images in the collection are online. A small amount of photographs were not scanned due to their condition.

What's in the entire collection?

The H.H. Seiferth Company Photographs primarily include images of outdoor signage created by the H.H. Seiferth Company for the storefronts of Pittsburgh businesses. Included in the collection are photographs documenting signs for the Frank & Seder store, Kaufmann's, Joseph Horne Co., the Rosenbaum Company, the Andrew A. Artz Café and Bar, F.C. Doeschner Furs, and other businesses. Also included are images of what is possibly the H.H. Seiferth Company office, a photograph of the Seiferth family, and news clippings about Jane Seiferth Markowitz. Read more...

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