Pittsburgh Waste Book and Fort Pitt Trading Post Papers

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The Pittsburgh Waste Book, so described on its cover, is the ledger of trader George Allen who had been appointed Indian Agent by the Commissioners for Indian Affairs in March 1759, and is reputed to be the first known merchant's account book written in Pittsburgh. The book contains accounts and transactions taking place at Fort Pitt between June 19, 1759 and June 19, 1760. The ledger details the dates, goods, quantities, and prices for trading and also records names of traders. Native American trade was conducted either directly with tribes or through agents; some of the tribes represented in the book are Delaware, Shawnee, Mingo, Tawa (Ottawa), Wyandot (Huron or Wendat), and Mohican, among others. In at least one instance goods were received of a "Shawannah Woman." Read more...

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