Historic Pittsburgh comprises a variety of primary and secondary sources from multiple partners about the greater Pittsburgh region, including a wide range of publications, maps, manuscripts, visual images, and audio-video materials, that support personal and scholarly research.

Seder Family Photographs

Visual images of the Frank and Seder clothing store, business associates, and Isaac Seder's family (1910-1960s).

Contributor: Detre Library & Archives, Heinz History Center

Smoke Control Lantern Slides

Visual images from the 1930s-1940s visually document the city of Pittsburgh before and after smoke control ordinances were passed regulating the burning of coal; a few images include smoke control efforts in St. Louis, Missouri.

Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Spencer Family Photographs

Visual images from the 1890s-1910s show the Charles Spencer family working and playing in and around their Pittsburgh home in Shadyside on Amberson Avenue.

Contributor: University of Pittsburgh